Sex Crimes

Sex Crimes Defense Baton Rouge

Few areas of criminal law have so many wrongfully convicted people as sex crimes. In addition to facing harsh criminal sentences, sex crime charges can destroy your reputation, affect personal relationships and harm your job prospects. With harsher laws and registration requirements, sex crime convictions can even limit your ability to find housing. If you are facing a sex crime charge, you need a highly specialized and aggressive defense. Anyone can accuse you of a sexual charge, and the evidence is often based on hearsay. A divorce, a casual comment made by a child at school, a relationship between two teenagers, and even clicking on a pornographic website can all result in sexual criminal charges.

Can I Fight a Sex Crimes Charge?

Sex crimes defense requires very specific defense strategies backed by extensive investigation and trial preparation. Experience is everything. Our approach begins with assembling the right defense team. Depending on the charge, the team will also include forensic detectives, DNA experts, psychologists, private investigators and local counsel familiar with the procedures and politics of your local court. The next step is to conduct a thorough investigation of your case. It is quite common for our investigative team to produce evidence that exonerates you without the need for a trial. If a trial is needed, we will aggressively fight for you without being tied to the local politics of your community. If you have or someone you know may be facing sex crime charges, please do not hesitate to schedule a Free Consultation.

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