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Louisiana Admiralty and Maritime Law Attorneys

Port cities make up a big piece of Louisiana. They are important to our economy and are how many people make their livelihood. When injuries or accidents happen in these marine-based industries though, you need to know that they are governed by a different set of laws than land-based workplace issues.

The type of law you are dealing with in these situations is admiralty and maritime law. These laws are defined as anything that happens in "navigable waters". This term basically encompasses any bodies of water large enough that commercial shipping can take place, such as the Ocean, the Gulf, and any large rivers or lakes. This category is further subdivided into territorial waters, which are close to land, and the high seas, which are further out.

Because of the differences and complexities of common law on land and Louisiana admiralty and maritime law, if you are injured or involved in an accident on the water, you need a law firm that knows the differences and how to navigate them correctly and effectively.

What types of accidents are included in admiralty and maritime laws?
Louisiana admiralty and maritime laws only come into effect in certain cases. If you have been involved in an accident involving one of the following scenarios, you will need to get the help of a Louisiana admiralty and maritime law expert.

  • Working on offshore platforms and drilling rigs – injuries suffered here are classified under this type of law as opposed to standard workplace safety laws.
  • Working in a harbor – even if you are not working “on the water” it is still covered by these laws in the harbor.
  • Recreational boat owners – if you have been hurt by another boat owner’s negligence or boating under the influence, these laws apply.  
  • Cruise ship passengers – if you are a passenger and are hurt because of the condition of the ship o negligence by the owner, you will have to seek reedy through these laws.
  • Maritime company employee – If you are employed by a company that uses boats and ships, whether you are a crew member or a shore-side employee, these laws apply.
  • Other navigable waters injuries – any status not covered here but on navigable waters may fall under admiralty and maritime law.  

For Vessel owners & maritime companies

If you have a company or vessel that is governed by admiralty and maritime law, we have services and a wealth of knowledge to help you as well. We can help you through many of the following common maritime issues including:

  • Jones Act cases
  • Cargo loss or damage
  • Collisions
  • Limitation of liability
  • Drilling rig, pipeline, and well accidents
  • Dock damage incidents
  • Marine insurance
  • Sunken barges
  • Vessel mortgages
  • Vessel seizure
  • Vessel liens
  • And more

If you work or do business on the water, do not allow just any attorney to handle your case. You need to find specialized Louisiana admiralty and maritime law attorneys like the experts at Daniels & Washington. We will make sure your case is handled correctly and fully in accordance with this set of specific maritime laws. Contact us today to find out which statues apply to your case and what you need to do make sure you are properly protected under the law.

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