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 Our attorneys, Harry Daniels, III and Christopher Washington, will fully examine your case from every perspective possible. We will listen to you and work with you to achieve the best possible outcome in your case. We will never become content with our past legal successes and will treat each case with the highest degree of care one can expect. 

We have traveled throughout the US attending many of the most prestigious legal seminars and trial advocacy colleges to continually improve our ability to assist you. 

We promise to keep you informed in every step that is taken in your case and will always be accessible to you whenever you need us or simply have a question.

We offer defense for a wide array of personal injury and criminal matters ranging from Car Accidents, Slip and Falls, and Notary services to Criminal defense. 

From Baton Rouge to Prairieville, the Criminal Lawyers of Daniels & Washington Law Firm pride themselves upon being champions for justice. 

Client Testimonials

Case Results

Personal Injury Settlements

L.J. was involved in an automobile collision in an intersection where the rear passenger side of the vehicle she was driving was struck. After a considerable liability fight and several depositions, the case was settled for policy limits.

N.B. and L.T. were rear-ended in a low impact collision. The defendant continuously offered very small settlement amounts less than $15,000.00. One week prior to trial the case settled for $70,000.00 to be divided equally along the parties.

W.Z. was a pedestrian walking home on a dark roadway when he was struck by a passing motorist. The case settled for policy limits shortly after the accident and prior to suit.

Criminal Defense Case Results

After a hearing in the case all charges against D.B. were dismissed.

K.B. was a school counselor that was charged with Possession of more than two hundred grams of cocaine and Drug Racketeering. After a four day jury trial K.B. was found not guilty of Drug Racketeering.

D.P. conviction was overturned and he was released from prison on May 7, 2012. D.P. was convicted and sentenced to 45 years at hard labor. After being sentenced D.P. retained the Daniels & Washington law firm to represent him on appeal.

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