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Injury Claims in Commercial Truck Accidents

The most devastating types of road accidents are often those involving large commercial trucks. These incidents often involve multiple vehicles and many injured victims or fatalities. The massive size and weight of big rigs and tractor trailers make them exceptionally dangerous to all others who share the highways or streets.

Commercial trucking firms are heavily regulated by the federal government, and each driver is required to have special training in driving and is required to fully understand the safety regulations and procedures involved in operating these massive vehicles. With this degree of scrutiny, one may assume that every driver behind the wheel is alert to the danger they pose to others on the road. A shocking number of serious or fatal injury accidents are the result of a tired driver, drunk driver, or a driver who simply fails to follow the law with regard to speed or vehicle operation.

Truck Accident Attorney in Baton Rouge

At Daniels & Washington, LLC, we recognize the need for truck accident victims to have qualified legal representation. Our firm has garnered a reputation for excellence throughout the legal community. We are committed to pursuing the full compensation you deserve after being injured in a commercial truck accident, whether the cause was a tired driver, or you were involved in a tractor trailer accident, t-bone accident, jackknife accident, truck rollover or other serious injury cases.

Our firm will protect you from the actions of commercial insurance companies who move forward quickly to offer low settlements. It is advised that you contact our firm as quickly as possible after the accident so that we can carefully manage every aspect of your claim. Our legal team knows that you deserve the best possible outcome and will aggressively pursue this on your behalf.

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At Daniels & Washington, we have the experience and dedication necessary to successfully handle your case, no matter what the circumstances may be.
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