Our Firm has significant experience in Post-Conviction Relief.

It is a fact of life that some people have the misfortune of being convicted and losing their criminal appeal. For these individuals, the Baton Rouge Criminal Defense Attorneys at Daniels & Washington excel in Post-Conviction Relief. If the criminal defense attorney you hired to represent you at trial was "ineffective", i.e., failed to defend you within the standards under Louisiana law, the judge has the discretion to vacate your judgment and sentence. Examples of ineffective assistance of counsel include: failing to call essential witnesses, failing to properly cross-examine witnesses and failing to make significant objections.

Even if you pled guilty and did not get convicted at trial there may be grounds to have your conviction overturned on Post-Conviction Relief grounds. Examples would include: your guilty plea was not voluntarily given, the judge failed to give appropriate warnings, regarding immigration consequences, or the judge failed to advise you of the rights you were giving up in exchange for a guilty plea. Often times, a defendant's sentence is not what he was told he would be receiving.

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