Baton Rouge Criminal Defense Attorneys at Daniels & Washington have significant experience in Criminal Appeals. For those unfortunate people who may have lost their case at trial, all hope is not lost. However, it is vital that you hire an experienced and aggressive Criminal Defense Attorney to prepare your criminal appeal. Trials are complex and there are generally multiple errors committed by the judge, prosecutor, and even your trial attorney.

For example, the judge may disallow a legal challenge to the defense attorney's request to dismiss a juror during jury selection or admit or fail to admit critical evidence at trial. Baton Rouge Criminal Defense Attorneys at Daniels & Washington excel at finding these errors and arguing for reversal of your conviction before the Louisiana Court of Appeals and Supreme Court. The ultimate goal is to win you a new trial. To speak with a skilled criminal appeals attorney, call Baton Rouge Criminal Defense Attorneys at Daniels & Washington to schedule a free consultation.

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At Daniels & Washington, we have the experience and dedication necessary to successfully handle your case, no matter what the circumstances may be.
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